Monday, 1 February 2010

Interview with Adam Woodyatt

I was fortunate enough to have the pleasures of interviewing one of the greatest British actors of all time. You may know him as Ian 'Squeal' Beale, also known as the lovely Adam Woodyatt!

Me: You are one of the few left from the original 1985 cast of 'EastEnders' - when you first started out did you think Ian would still be here today? 
Adam: Never thought and still don't look that far ahead, I just look at the end date on my contract.

Me: How well did you think your EastEnders audition initially went? 
Adam: Initially I thought it was a case of don't call us we will call you, then they realised I lived so far away and that a recall would be difficult. They got Julia Smith to come and do another audition there and then. I knew then that I had a good chance of getting it.

Me: Over the years you've worked at EastEnders, who would you say you have been most privileged to work with? 
Adam: The Crew, The Production teams, basically everyone involved with making it. It is a team effort, without everybody doing there jobs, it doesn't get on screen.

Me: We all love the Beale family, but if you were to be placed in another family on the Square which would you like it to be? 
Adam: Masood's.

Me: I imagine life with Zainab would be very eventful! Obviously we never want Ian to leave, he's such a cherished character. Do you think you'd like to stay with the soap right to the very end, or would you want to branch out a bit more with roles? 
Adam: What could I do with another role that I don't get to do with Ian, over the course of the year I will get to play a far wider range of emotions in EastEnders than if I was in a one off drama.

Me: As well as television you've also done a bit of theatre work. Is that something you think you could do long term? 
Adam: Fitting it around our schedule is difficult but if something was offered that fits with the filming schedule and my other commitments then I would consider it.

Me: What do you like to do in your spare time when you're not at work? 
Adam: Support Liverpool FC, go on holiday.

Me: You're such an inspirational actor, is there anybody you look up to? 
Adam: Look up to is probably the wrong phrase, I just try and do my job the best I can. Actors that I really like? Steve McFadden, Nitin Ganatra, Jake Wood.

Me: What advice would you give to all those budding actors out there? 
Adam: Get an education or a skill that you can fall back on if it doesn't work out. Listen and react, know what your character thinks of the people he is with or referring to, where he has been. If you know where he is going (storywise) you will have a journey to follow and can pace the development of the character in that situation but remember we only have an idea where we are going in the real world, we don't know the future. That is why we never used to get told the future storylines so that we wouldn't "sign post" with our performance what was coming as a surprise.
Me: And finally, do you have any hopes for the future? 
Adam: Good health!

A huge thank you, Adam!

Amy x

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